Your Life, Your Choice


I have now retired from private client work. However, I still describe my philosophy and the basis for my past practice in the outline below.

My approach is to heighten your awareness in order to bring about change. Together we look at the existing links between your mind, body, emotions and the issues you bring. My promise is to interrupt old emotional and behavioural patterns which may be holding you back. I offer sensitivity and support along with challenge to help you to explore and express feelings. Some behaviours and related beliefs from your past may not work effectively for you now. In your sessions, you can experiment with doing things differently. I create a space for change.


About Gestalt Therapy:

I believe that life is lived in the present, which is a tenet of Gestalt therapy. Gestalt is an experiential therapy focusing on present awareness and personal choice, as well as on relationships to other people and things. Gestalt emphasizes the whole person and your experience in the “here and now”.

In Gestalt sessions, you will be encouraged, step by step, to explore how you do what you do, to develop your ability to respond genuinely and creatively, and to recognize the power of taking responsibility for your feelings and actions. How you resist change provides a resource for interaction with the therapist. Even anxiety opens up choices, and experiencing the feelings which you previously avoided allows for growth. 


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